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November 28, 2011

An expensive form of affiliate marketing

I do not make fun of a lot of things on this blog. But recently I crossed paths with a movie called The Joneses. I had to say something about it!

The movie describes an approach they call stealth marketing, which works as follows.
There is a new family in town. They live in an ultra-rich gated community. Mother, father, son and daughter are all beautiful, popular and equipped with the latest gadgets. The idea is to show off as much gear as possible to influence their neighbours to buy the same.
After explaining this concept, the movie takes the love story angle which we will ignore.

Let's see how effective this marketing approach is.

The costs, assuming the family gets all the products on a free loan bases. 

  • Five expensive Audi's
  • Rental of a luxury house
  • All expenses to live a lifestyle like that
  • Big salary for the four family members
  • Money for document forgeries
  • The whole company behind it
Then I ask myself: how many golf clubs, cell phones, new sweaters or even Audi R8's do you need to sell to cover that?

For those that want to laugh for themselves, or just see Demi Moore, check out the trailer.

November 24, 2011

The Giant Is No Longer Asleep

Since I've been back in Belgium, I haven't mentioned Brazil that much. Not because nothing is happening there though.

Johnnie Walker is a very strong brand in Brazil. It has acquired noun status. "Not a tissue but a Kleenex" type of thing. Ordering a red-label means whiskey.

I feel the brand wants to connect to the growth of Brazil, tap into the patriotic feelings. With the large international events coming up, that might not be a bad place to be in. The ad fortifies that connection by connecting it to one of the hallmarks of Brazil: the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

At the end it says: the giant is no longer asleep.

I guess it is not.