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May 3, 2010

Public transport: a true love?

Arriva public transport branding

Special seats installed in every bus that show you are willing to talk to other people.

That is what Danish public transport company Arriva is doing. Besides trying to improve the atmosphere on its buses it is also an experiment to convince car drivers to abandon their cars and make use of the public transport. (You can take boats instead of buses in Copenhagen!)

Although this branding campaign might bring some joy, the greater goal of course is to convince people to leave their car behind and take the bus.

My guess that love seats and the possibility to find the love of your life, however promising that may sound, don't change much. Show that drivers can save time or money and they will change.

Source: Yahoo


  1. Nice stuff!

    Would if work with a heavy crowded bus?

  2. Haha I bet some people would get to know eachother a little better in that case!