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January 13, 2011

Starbucks Goes Iconic

Starbucks is changing its logo. And like all big brands making changes, there are people who like it and people that hate it. See below what is about to change:

Starbucks logo changes
I think it's a nice idea to take away the words Starbucks and coffee. The mermaid now becomes the central element in the logo. Some people claim it is not known enough, but wherever the logo will appear, the Starbucks name will be close.

These changes make the logo simpler. Less colors and no more text around it.

This allows more freedom in the execution.

And with this simpler logo Starbucks claims a position next to the arches of McDonald's and Nike's swoosh. They are not there yet but this surely is the right direction.

The new logo looking good in the field

Starbucks has been looking to get a bigger piece of the money customers put down for breakfast. This could mean a bigger focus on things like sandwiches. Let's just hope that taking coffee out of the logo won't make them drop the focus on what they are best at.

1 comment:

  1. isnt it nice, that play station spot? :)

    wow, i like the logo! i didnt do it at first but then, seeing it on the cup... looks good!

    hoe gaat het met je? nog in brazilie?