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December 8, 2009

Branded entertainment, a way through the clutter?

In the very competitive and cluttered an competitive world of tv advertising, it is hard to get noticed. That's why more and more brands engage in more subtle ways to get the viewers attention. The latest case here in Brazil is a TV show called Zero Bala (slang for a new car). It is a Sunday afternoon television show where five contestants compete to win a brand new Volkswagen Fox. Contestant that want to participate need a car older than twelve years, which they bring to the studio.

The concept created (called Go) by Endemol has been sold to different countries but Brazil is the first country that puts a car brand, Volkswagen, at the center of the show. The Brazilian agency Bullet came up with the idea to work exclusively with Volkswagen instead of having the show sponsored by multiple brands. The show gives a good opportunity for Volkswagen to promote itself and its entry level Fox car. Volkswagen is the number two car manufacturer in Brazil. Competitor and market leader Fiat sponsored the last Brazilian version of Big Brother by featuring its cars in the show. So apparently both see it is a way to get more media attention. 
The show will run for thirteen weeks on Bandeirantes TV.

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