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December 1, 2009

Getting the hands dirty in Brasil

A simple google search will reveal the excess of websites and blogs about marketing, advertising and branding. And this is exactly what this blog is about. Or not entirely.

Most current information cover campaigns or the roll-out of new strategies in developed martkets. And I loved reading about these and still do. But recently I moved from Belgium to Brazil and found myself surrounded by things I was not so familiar with. Not all of them are relevant to share here but a lot of things are. Brazil is an emerging market, this mainly means that things are happening here at a fast pace. Business is booming, consumers are getting more wealthy and are looking for ways to spend this money. This combined with the cultural differences between Brazil and other nations offers an interesting angle on marketing.
The main focus will be on the way how the marketing battles are being fought here, how the marketing people get their hands dirty.

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