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November 28, 2010

The importance of focused advertising

Good advice on the importance of focus in advertising from Rosser Reeves, 60s ad men. This single point of focus should be used to secure a spot ino the consumers mind.
Reality campaigns, those that climb the ladder of penetration with the most speed, do not put the consumer in this predicament. Instead, they gather their energies together into a tight coil. They present him with one moving claim or concept which he can easily remember. Like a burning glass, which focuses the rays of the sun into one hot, bright circle, they bring together all the component parts into a single incandescence of their own.
We do not mean that the campaign should not say a dozen things about the product. These can add depth, color, dimension, and persuasiveness. In fact, they are very often the difference between "telling" and "selling."
Head over to Brand Strategy Insider for the full article.

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