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October 5, 2011

What the User Really Cares About - Copywriting at Apple

Once again the Apple hype machine has come to a stop with the release of an updated iPhone.

A video detailing the new phone uses much of the Apple talk we are used to: it is ground breaking, extraordinary, amazing, revolutionary, etc.

While some of their copy sounds pretty pompous for a small update, other parts of the video have some very good showing versus telling copywriting!

Benefits over features

Let's take a look how they transform hardware into something the average consumer really cares about.
One of the biggest enhancements on the iPhone 4S is in it's performance. It uses the same powerful dual-core A5 chip that's in iPad 2. With two processors handling the workload, it really makes a big difference. Apps will launch and run faster, graphics can render up to seven times quicker, making gameplay a lot better. And in Safari, webpages will load up to twice as fast.
They go inside out. What processor is it? The A5 dual-core that's also in to iPad. What does it do? It spreads the workload over two processors. Why should I care? It makes apps and web-browsing faster and games smoother.
Iphone 4S also has an all new eight megapixel camera. Which dramatically increases the amount of detail in your photos. But the quality of a photograph isn't just about megapixels. The optics of the camera are just as crucial. And we've made significant improvements here. We increased the size of the aperture to let more light in. We added a fifth lens, which gives you a sharper image overall. And the new sensor is designed to capture more light within each pixel. So you get far sharper photos with more detail and more accurate color. 
The same again. What are the specs? An eight megapixel camera and special lenses. Why should I care? They will make my photos sharper and more detailed. 
We also know people love to shoot video on their iPhone. So we made some big advancements here too. Iphone 4S recors 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. Plus, the gyro, along with the incredible new software, will stabilize your video as you shoot it. this will make your videos look a lot smoother.
1080p and gyro make your videos look smooth!


Think the whole video was a piece of mambo jambo? Or want to share something else? Please do share in the comments!

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