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February 8, 2012

Dodge spam filters with a single address

Email campaigns and the spam filters aren't good friends.

If you send a campaign to a fresh list of subscribers, dodging the spam filters is the first hurdle.

Like real people, email providers love good content that is well written, preferably without mentions of Viagra or Nigerian gold mines. A valid From address, and a subject line also help.

The actual deliverability of your email campaign also depends how much trust you have built up with the various email providers. Sending from a dedicated IP address can increase your chances. (If you use services such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor you are safe, they will take care of this for you)

If you do get your email campaign past the spam filters and into the inbox of your subscribers, you face the second hurdle: the email client. By default, most clients block the images in your message. They need to explicitly confirm to see your images.

It's a long road with plenty of pitfalls. And you need to go through this process whenever you send from a new email address.

I discovered that Econsultancy uses a neat and very simple trick to make sure they only have to go once through this process. They use only a single email addresses.    

spam filters and email marketing

Newsletters, event announcements and CEO chatter were all sent from the same address.

So take a look at how many email addresses you are sending from. Could you use one email campaign address? The less addresses you use the more you'll steer clear from the spam filters.

Got other email campaign tricks? Please share them in the comments!

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