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January 17, 2010

Brands of Brazil: getting ready for world domination

Brazil is one of the emerging markets of the world, the famous BRICs. The driver behind this new power is a large market of consumers, and of course companies that try to satisfy these consumers.

But who are these companies that are becoming more global and enter into fiercer competition with the rest of the world? These are brands that could really impact the future, so it is important to know about them!

In a study by Interbrand in 2001, a top 12 of Brazilian brands was made (based on market value):

1. Ita├║ (bank)
2. Bradesco (bank)
3. AmBev (brewer)
4. Banco do Brasil (bank)
5. Unibanco (bank)
6. Embraer (aircraft manufacturer)
7. Varig (national airline)
8. Multibras (household appliances)
9. Embratel (telecommunications)
10. Gradiente (consumer electronics)
11. Sadia (food company)
12. Tigre (pipe and fittings manufacturer)

A quick glance at this list shows that the banking industry was  well represented (4 companies in the top 10), which I find a bit strange seeing the financial problems the country had around that time. The other positions are represented by companies in various industries.

So although I am not going to do a financial valuation of brands, I will check brands that are strong in Brazil and abroad. One study that I will use as my guide is the BCG study about Global Challengers, new upcoming companies that will challenge the established economic order.

So keep reading to see what has become of the brands from 2001. But nine years is a long time and some might have changed form through mergers or acquisitions. But more on that when I cover the companies!

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Brands of Brazil:

Foto by schuey at Flickr

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