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March 29, 2010

Brands of Brazil: Embraer

the company

Embraer is a Brazilian aircraft builder. Number three in the world after Boeing and Airbus.

Like many big Brazilian companies Embraer has its origins as a public company. In the early nineties the company found itself in trouble when a combination of high oil prices and the end of the Cold War froze demand. Privatization was one of the solutions. But on its own feet the company had to face other challenges such as rapid technological changes, shorter product cycles and more difficult access to funding.

Today the company builds planes for commercial and military use and also builds executive jets. The company focuses on niche markets and serve these. In the commercial aviation this meant building an airplane that other manufactures didn't offer. For example smaller planes or planes that can operate in a tougher environment such as bad weather and low quality runways. In their military manufacturing they created less sophisticated products compared to the products produced in industrialized regions. This allowed them to sell at a much lower costs and thereby supplying opening some different segments.

"It's not our intention to go head to head with Boeing and Airbus." said CEO Fred Curado. These niche markets is where it tries to compete. There Bombardier is one of their main competitors.

Embraer is one of the biggest exporters from Brazil (clients in more than 100 countries). This focus on exports has allowed them to work on a bigger scale.

the brands
Embraer logo aviation industry Brazil

Embraer, short for Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica, is the corporate brand. In the commercial aviation it is also used in combination with a model number.

In the executive aviation they have tried to build the Phenom and Lineage brands.

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