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April 1, 2010

Successful social media initiatives in Brazil

 Visa and Walmart

A recent project by Visa and Walmart uses social networks as promotional platforms.  They select a product and a social network. This week for example they chose the new Guitar Hero game on Twitter. The original price of the game was R$389. This price drops if more people use a certain hashtag (keyword) on Twitter. The main promotion site counts the number of tweets and shows how many more are needed to lower the price to a bottom price of R$189. So people that want a better deal will encourage their network to join the action to get a better deal. In the upcoming weeks other products are featured but fans will need to engage on different networks. (Facebook, Myspace and Orkut)

 It is unclear what stake both retailers have in the initiative. But if it turns out to be succesful, other partnerships might be formed.

This really is a sale generating strategy. It provides a clearly measurable return on investment.

Skol and Guaraná Antartica

Beer brand Skol and soft drink Guaraná Antartica, both wanted to attract  more young adults to their brand. They turned their efforts to creating entertaining YouTube videos targeted at this demographic. These videos were well received. These early successes convinced Ambev, parent company of the two brands, to increase its focus on social media. In July 2009 it created a team focused on managing their Skol beer brand on social media. The team consists of 15 people that monitor the brand on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, YouTube, Flickr, and

Pão de Açucar

Pão de Açucar is a big Brazilian retailer. They created a department focused on social media. For this they made a R$10 million (about 4 million euro) investment for 2010.

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