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April 7, 2010

How to convince users to click your online ads


Familiar with this type of advertisements?

Maybe you never search for monkey bread but if you are looking for other things, they might pop up on Google or when you browsing a website.

You think they are annoying so you don't click them?
You use an ad blocker to hide them all together?

Many people claim to ignore the Google advertisements created by the AdWords program. But the fact is that enough people still click on them to generate money for Google and hopefully for its advertisers.

The feature Remarketing of the advertising program can make these ads more relevant and therefore more appealing to potential clickers.

Where the normal AdWords allows you to create ads based on what keywords people are searching for, Remarketing allows you to re-target people that have seen one of your ads before. Google knows this because it keeps track of what ads a user has seen on its network.

For example: someone clicked a Google ad and got referred to your website. That visitor watched the funny video on your site but left after without doing anything else. Without Remarketing this is a lost sale (and wasted money on AdWords, as you pay for everyone that clicks your ad). If you can later identify this same user, knowing he has seen your funny video, you can use this information to really talk to him and try to convince him to reconsider your offer.

In my opinion this surely means more relevant advertising and higher quality traffic to your website.

More information available on the AdWords blog.

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