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April 3, 2010

Hyundai increases ad spending in Brazil

As the FIFA World Cup is coming closer, big brands are stepping up their sponsorship. Especially brands that have put down big money to be the official sponsor. But as I explained in a previous article on event sponsorship, just putting up billboards around the event is not enough. You got to show the consumers that you are there.

And for the last few weeks Hyundai has been doing that. They have been in most big magazines or newspapers of Brazil with a three page spread on their Tucson 2010 model. Prominently featured is the first prize the model one in the JD Power awards. This is an award that springs from consumer satisfaction research calculated on all the newly launched vehicles in the United States.

Another thing that the advertisement stresses, is that the Tucson 2010 is produced in Brazil. And then exported to the US and Europe. To say it in Hyundai's words: "The technology that is conquering the world now is Brazilian."

A clear focus on the national pride of the consumers. And probably also en effort to make the South-Korean car manufacturer a little bit more Brazilian.

The strangest thing about these ads is that the JD Power award is something that most Brazilians don't know about. In the ad  is a first prize awarded by Quatro Rodas also mentioned. This is a Brazilian organization and it makes a lot more sense to use this as a quality indicator.  That leaves me wondering why they are using the JD Power one.

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