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April 19, 2010

Should Brazilian advertising be trusted?

Most consumers in Brazil think that advertising plays a positive role both in their own lives and the country's economic development.
A research by the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies came to these surprising results.
  • 67% said advertising was relevant to their daily lives
  • 66% believed it was informative
  • a more expected 76% gave low approval ratings to political advertising
Although it is in the interest of their members to show that advertising really works, the numbers are really high. In another study, conducted in Europe and the USA, the trust rates for marketing professionals were only around 40%.

Does this mean Brazilian advertisers are more honest in their messages? Or is there something wrong with the study?

I can imagine some of the campaigns like Vale runs can be considered as being more informative (and helping the country's economic development).

Probably it depends on what is being advertised and who is behind it.

Together with the release of the study the Abap also released a couple of nice commercials. (thanks Comunicação e Marketing Brasil)

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  1. "Does this mean Brazilian advertisers are more honest in their messages?"

    I think that Brazilians overtrust advertisements.