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February 2, 2010

Early World Cup advertising

There are stil many months to go until the World Cup football in South Africa, but since this is football crazy Brazil, it is already close in their hearts. That is why advertisers use it already. Two different examples,a good one and a poor one. The first one, for the Brahma beer brand, focuses on the warrior inside that comes out when the national team plays. The second one for Itaú bank focuses on peace and has the idea that football, and more specifically Brazil, can bring Israelis and Palestinians closer together.


  1. While Itaú's ad is not one of their best, I think you're taking them too literally, since for most brazillians, the Israeli-palestinian conflict is too esoteric and distant.

    My take is that the message they want to push is that the love for football is borderless, and Brazil, as the most sucessful contry in the sport's history, can be a source of pride and identification between people that otherwise wouldn't have much in common.

  2. I agree with you that many people in Brazil feel distant towards the conflict. I got that feeling when I saw this commercial together some Brazilians the other day. They were not really reacting to it, even after my comments.

    In the approach that you are describing the commercial kind of makes sense. But I think there are better ways to display that football can bring people closer together.