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June 14, 2010

BIC brands bring their game to South-Africa

The first couple of games of the World Cup have been played.  Although I'm not the greatest football lover I did watch a couple of games and some things surprised me. And no, it were not those damned horns, they just annoyed me :)

While it is normal to see familiar brands like Continental, Coca-Cola or Visa on the billboards next to the field, a couple of new global brands showed up:

origin: Brazil

Processor of frozen foods and sponsor of the Brazilian national team. The brand is part of the Marfrig, a Brazilian company with operations all around the world.
Depending on the game, the focus is on a different brand. When there is an international game going on the Searea brand is shown. When European teams played, Moy Park appeared, which is a UK brand from the Marfrig group.

After this the viral video Seara produced starring some Brazilian football players makes a bit more sense. With almost 4 million views it served as a good introduction to the world. Although many of the views came from Brazil, it was a small teaser for the world.

Yingli Solar
origin: China

Manufacturer of solar panels with operations all around the world. To pump the brand awareness, they have come to the right place. Question is if they are looking to increase customer base in China or abroad? Although bilingual advertisements are being shown, attention might be hard to grab in China. With the absence of the Chinese national team soccer is competing with the closer-to-home Shangai World fair.

Mahindra Satyam
origin: India
Consulting and IT services.

Similar to Marfrig's approach, Inbev also rotates its brand. In the game of Germany vs Australia for example, Inbev showed Hasseröder, German beer brand. In the game Holland-Denmark, Belgian brand Jupiler appeared. These brand rotations seem like a really smart move by Inbev!
The true power of globalization combined with a local approach!

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