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June 26, 2010

What are the best Brazilian brands?

After seeing reports released covering other markets, I was happy to see Interbrand releasing their report on the best brands of Brazil. The Brazilian economy is booming this last decade and the economic crisis has also taken its share of victims. This has shaken the valuation of the the big brands since the last report came out.

I have covered already a couple of the top brands on this blog, these articles are linked to on the brand names below. This report is a great overview and supplies information on lesser known brands. Also the fact that there is a value on the brands, allows them to be put in perspective.

top 25 of Brazilian brands

Values in million reals (1R$ = 0.5 euro)
  1. Itaú - R$20.651 - Financial services
  2. Bradesco - R$12.381 - Financial services
  3. Petrobras - R$10.805 - Energy
  4. Banco do Brasil - R$10.497 - Financial services
  5. Skol - R$6.593 - Food and beverage
  6. Natura - R$4.652 - Cosmetics
  7. Brahma - R$3.607 - Food and beverage
  8. Antartica - R$1.753 - Food and beverage
  9. Vivo - R$1.468 - Telecommunications
  10. Renner - R$780 - Retail
  11. Embratel - R$730 - Telecommunications
  12. Banrisul - R$645 - Financial services
  13. Lojas Americanas - R$601 - Retail
  14. Cyrela - R$545 - Real estate
  15. Oi - R$472 - Telecommunications
  16. Braskem - R$449 - Petrochemical
  17. TAM - R$347 - Airlines
  18. Net - R$294 - Telecommunications
  19. Marisa - R$196 - Retail
  20. Hering - R$144 - Apparel
  21. Gafisa - R$129 - Real estate
  22. Havaianas - R$113 - Apparel
  23. Gol - R$108 - Airlines
  24. Positivo - R$103 - Technology
  25. Lopes - R$87 - Real estate
The valuation is done through a proprietary brand valuation method of Interbrand using a financial and brand analysis.

Most of the top brands are banks. The reason they are there is that they are well spread over Brazil and financially perform well.
B2B brands of Brazil like Vale, have been hit harder by the economic criss. Dropping commodity prices have put profits under pressure which affects their valuation.

There also is a big difference in value between the top 6 and the rest. Most of these brands are part of big international groups. They truly play on  a global level already.

Apart from the ranking, the report also includes a short description of every brand.

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