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September 24, 2010

How Brand Names Help Sell Generic Drugs

A box a Medley generic drugs

Medley is one of the biggest pharceutical companies in Brazil.

Aside from their product line of branded drugs, they also sell generic equivalents of other drugs. With a portfolio of 189 products they dominate this segment. (13 out of 20 generic products sold are made by the company)

How have they got to that top position?

By changing the pharmaceutical business model. Instead of focusing on the creation of new drugs, they bring new generic drugs to Brazil using partnerships with the original developers of the drugs.

The idea behind generic drugs is that they don't have brand name. The name on the package usually is the chemical component inside of the drug.

Sp instead of naming individual products, Medley uses its corporate brand on its products. So even if people don't know the name of the product, but they will surely know or recognize the Medley brand.

At a time when people still aren't completely convinced of generic drugs, a familiar name might be help make the sale.

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