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September 15, 2010

Norton vs. your computer

Dolph Lundgren versus your unicorn.

If the video doesn't show, find it here.
  • 80s Action hero, check
  • Voice-over, check
  • Battle of good vs evil, check
All the videos in the series combined got over one million views. Not a viral success by Old Spice standards but still not bad for some internet videos.

The videos show how the anti-virus can hold up against some really bad guys.

But as I said before, brand advertising only works on light or nonusers of your product. For the customers that really matter, heavy users that know something about anti-virus scanners, brand advertising is not effective.

They are the ones that will spend the money.

And they are the ones that know what Norton products really are: memory and processor eating programs

So instead of trying to make their product look cool, their focus should be on how they can convince these heavy users that their products are good. They might not be so entertaining or 'viral', but it would be a good decision for the Norton brand.

How about you?

Do you like the approach they take with these videos?
Can they make you forget all previous experiences with Norton products? 

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