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September 30, 2010

How B2B marketeers get their hands dirty

The main goal of this blog is to show and try to explain what marketeers are doing. What does a campaign consists of and what does it hope to achieve.

For the latest campaign of B2B marketing agency Velocity they launched a new ebook called B2B Marketing Manifesto. And together with it they disclosed their goals for the whole campaign:

Some business objectives:
  • Drive three new project discussions with existing clients
  • Incite two new business discussions with prospects
  • Improve Google ranking for our chosen keyphrases
And also some metrics:
  • 25 per cent spike in downloads for our thought leadership library
The full details can be found here.  I really liked going over these details and seeing what different elements and metrics they are using.

Defining or at least thinking about goals should be the first step of pretty much everything you do. Bu I do know myself and it is an easy part to skip. That's why I think this list is a good example and it might help to set up a complete online campaign.

The actual material around which the campaign is built is the B2B Marketing Manifesto.

It is a call for new approach to B2B marketing.
The internet has changed the role of the marketeer. It allows quick creation of new campaigns, perfect tracking and precise targeting. And with the ever growing number of ways to get the word out, there are more possibilities than you have time.
Armed with a new skillset (like content marketing, lead nurturing) it is up to you to create marketing that brings something to the table, or entertains people. And that doesn't have to be boring!
But if you are a marketeer of any kind, not just B2B, you’ll find more refreshing ideas and approaches in the rest of the book. And they will be better explained and more beautifully illustrated than my efforts above!

Do you think disclosing your goals and metrics hurts your business?
Or does putting your goals out there force you to reach them?

Please share your opinion in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the coverage, Dennis!

    We're really enjoying exposing the workings behind the B2B Marketing manifesto campaign -- but it just might come back to bite us! I guess that's what makes it fun...

  2. My pleasure. I've learned a lot from your different ebooks.

    Putting all the information out there raises bar high. Not just for your company but for all the B2B marketeers. And of course for the agencies. Now you're one step ahead of those ;)