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October 3, 2010

The first Belgian I-Ad

This combination of print and an app in this advertisement is really nice and clever idea. 

The advertisement doesn't try to sell a product directly. It targets existing customers of an insurance company to download an app which can help them when they have car trouble.

I found the ad on the dutch blog from Jan de Jonge and it got broken down into this:

Rough estimate of the target of the ad: existing customers of the bank/insurance company Axa + iPhone = 25 000 people. 

For a campaign that cost a good amount of money that aren't that a lot of people.

It could be that the point is to shed the very grey image thats these kind of companies have. To make it look more modern and innovative. The iPhone and cool video will have to help with this. But cool videos aren't always that effective.

Let's say the objective of the company is to become more hip, do you think this is the way to do it?

Please share your opinion in the comments!


  1. I believe the best Loyalty strategies are those who have an aquisition potential. The O2 loyalty report describes that traditional loyalty programs don't generate enough ROI but become profitable thanks to their acquisition effect.
    AXA does an attempt in this direction by showing the world that axa customers are better of..But AXA fails .. 1) Iphone touches only 5 % of customers - thus they create dissatisfaction 2) It looks like a PR stunt ..
    They should have announced the development of apps on other Operating systems to counter this.

    But more than the communiction gimmick, i believe the claim handling process by mobile is a clever way of creating value for customers and the company

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Pascal!

    Nice way to think about it! A loyalty program for existing customers but also show possible customers that they would be better off at AXA.

    Also adding support for other mobile platforms would reach a lot more of their customers.

    I share your feeling about a missed opportunity to mean something for all their current and future clients.